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Having a problem with a procedure in maple

the procedure is

> proc1:=proc(f,a,b,xmin,xmax)
> local locallist;
> locallist:=[seq(rhs(f),_C1=a..b)];
> RETURN(locallist);
> end;

the test function I am using for f is

DE_soln = y(x) = (arctan(x)+_C1)/(1+x^2)^2;

Which I got from using the dsolve for a differential equation

When I generated a sequence of this externally (not using the procedure)

with the following command

DE_soln_list := [seq(rhs(DE_soln),_C1=-2..2)];

I got a set of 5 solutions with just had the _C1 replaced by -2,-1,0,1,2 in each respective 'solution'

When I try plugging DE_soln into the procedure, it returns a list of 5 solutions, but all in the form (arctan(x)+_C1)/(1+x^2)^2

_C1 was simply a variable created by dsolve when solving the differential equation.

How do I get the procedure to sub in the numbers for _C1, because it seems that it works differently inside the procedure (I tried to declare _C1 as a local variable inside the procedure but that did nothing)


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