Mass spectrometry: does anyone know what could be this compound?

  1. Dear all,
    I got some results from mass spectrometry analysis of liquid samples (I am not really familiar with mass spectrometry). And I was wondering what could it be a compound with molecular mass of 167.06 and suggested formulas from the software: C2H11N4O3Si or C3H11N4O2S, the second gives a i-Fit (norm) of 0.0 so maybe is the most probable.

    Does anyone know what kind of compound it is? could it be derived from tricyclic aldehydes ?

    Then I have another compound with molecular weight of 195.06 and most probable formula C5H15O5Ca. Could this be derived for instance from naphtalene compounds ?

    Thank you soo much,
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    Pictures of the mass spectra would help.
  4. Mass spectrum

    Thanks for your reply,

    you are perfectly right, in the attached files you can find the spectrum and a small report on the most abundant components.

    Hope this will help.

    Best wishes.

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