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Master Constraint and canonical LQG

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    So Thieman and co are still working on the Master Constraint program for canonical, non-SF, LQG?

    I thought that approach was dead and given way to SF ala Rovelli
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    Looks like they are relating it to spin foams.

    "The corrections are especially severe if the theory suffers from second class secondary constraints. In a companion paper we compute these corrections for the Holst and Plebanski formulations of GR on which current spin foam models are based. "

    "Then the Master Constraint DID for those Abelian constraints can be directly related to the Rigging Map and therefore has a path integral formulation. "

    Maybe they will make tom.stoer happy?
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    The weird thing here it is that Marcus did not open a thread with over 9000 insightful posts...
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    I think Thiemann is doing what I expected to be relevant for both canonical and PI QG. Either relate the canonical approach to spin foams and proof equivalence - or demonstrate where and why this fails.

    Thiemann writes "Path integral formulations for gauge theories must start from the canonical formulation in order to obtain the correct measure." I fully agree with him. For me any path integral is always a derived object.
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