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Master Power Switch for 3 Circuits?

  1. Jul 11, 2013 #1
    Hello all,
    Long story short:

    I'm modding a Netbook PC; I'm powering three different sets of LEDs from three separate USB power sources.

    1. How can I create one master power switch for all three circuits?
    2. Would hooking all three circuits up to one switch in parallel burnout my USB ports?

    I appreciate any and all constructive commentary.

    Also, I understand that your time is valuable and if don't want to be bothered to explain the answer I would be more than happy to receive a very brief answer which would point me in the right direction for my own research.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Unless someone can think of something better, I guess I will just have to use a 3 pole, 3 position ceramic rotary switch as a master power switch for all three circuits...
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    "Long story short" is not sufficient for others to make any useful suggestions. It is not possible (for me, anyway) from your verbal description to visualize exactly what “modding” you are trying to accomplish. You’ve not provided a simple basic block diagram of your planned modification specifications, so members here can only guess and or speculate about your plans.

    Per your request, I'll try to point you in a direction where you may expect to find some useful suggestions. Google is your friend. Using the search terms “digital control of multiple power mosfets” there are lots of examples of circuits that do similar operations that you’re asking about. For instance, here’s just one:
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    You should not need any more info than I have given you. If the info provided is too abstract and not sufficient for you then clearly you cannot be of use.
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    Is "resistance futile" as well?
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    Thanks for the defacto useless argumentative forum response. And who says forums are a complete waste of time?
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