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Master's degree in EE

  1. Apr 22, 2010 #1
    I'm currently an undergrad in EE and was just wondering if it was needed to get a Master's degree to find a good job. I want to specialize in electronics and computer hardware. I don't want to be a programmer but rather would work alongside them in design and such.

    I havent even really started my degree (prereq's and gen ed for now), I just never intended on going to graduate school but if it's necessary I'll start thinking about it and preparing for it.
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    It is necessary? No. Does getting an advanced degree guarantee you a [good] job? No.

    If you choose to get a Masters then it will open up more opportunities for you. For example, you may be more qualified to be an MTS engineer as compared to someone with just a BS. Getting an advanced degree does open up room for advancement into senior level MTS positions and managerial engineering positions faster than a BS. Is all this guaranteed? Of course not. Generally you go to grad school because you know what you want to specialize in. Electronics an computer hardware as it stands are immensely huge fields.
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    So it makes more sense to get a job first and if needed get a master's later on (prolly on corporate dime too)

    Thank you for your input
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