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Master's or PhD in Nuclear Engineering & more advice

  1. Dec 23, 2015 #1

    I am a junior physics major hoping to work in nuclear engineering. The problem is that I would like to stay in school to get a PhD. I have a love of learning. However, I would like to get a Master's degree to start working and making a living earlier. I would not like to work in academia, but I feel like I could learn more of what is needed on the job with a PhD.

    Should I go for a master's degree or PhD? Also, what classes can I take to increase my chances of being accepted into a nuclear engineering graduate program?
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    Why do you feel you could learn more what is required on the job by doing a PhD?

    A PhD would give you more background on certain subfields, but depending on what job you would find in nuclear this would either be obsolete or just background.

    I am a nuclear physicist working in nuclear power and I feel some more background would be useful. I am however aware that I know more on nuclear physics and reactor physics than many engineers that start in our company. They know more about other fields like materials, systems etc. For this and to broaden my knowledge of nuclear engeering (specifically reactor theory and nuclear thermal hydraulics) is why I am now pursuing a MSc in nuclear engineerng after hours.

    What I am basically saying is that your requirements for a job depend on what your expectations for a future job are. Maybe based on your preferences somebody can give you a more appropriate answer.
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    Thank you so much for responding. It was very helpful. I really want to just go for a masters but I was so worried about what my family and teachers would think. My teachers want me to go because they think it is best for me. My family just has very high expectations of me. However, I am not looking forward to the tediousness of pursuing a PhD and I do now feel like a PhD would be useless. Your response gave me some clarity.
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