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  1. I want to major in aero. engineering and mathematics. Over fall semester I will be taking Object-Oriented Programming, Calc/Analytic Geom I, and General Physics I lecture and lab.

    I really enjoy math and want to take any courses that will improve my math skills that is why I am taking a programming class because I know it deals alot with logic.
    Are there any other classes that someone can suggest? maybe a logic course?.....
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  3. From what I have heard from an aero graduate, there's loooots of calc 3. If your school offers any vector analysis courses, then that would certainly be useful. Also, if not required, take courses in differential equations. Numerical methods/analysis and rogramming will be very useful too I would think.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I will look into those courses. I think I might have to wait a couple of semesters before I can actually take those classes though but Ill ask my school counselor.
    thank you.
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