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Math or Computer Science?

  1. Jan 13, 2013 #1
    Hi, firstly sorry for my bad English

    I want to ask a question to you about studying Math or CS in the university. I'm 16 and i've been dealing with CS (programming,algorithms,artificial intelligence etc.) since I was 5. I love programming and mathematics so much, but I'm undecided what I will studying in the university. I would like to studying math but everyone is saying to me that I study CS, and the reason of that is that CS is very popular. So, I'm undecided about what I'll study.. Will I be vacated if I study mathematics? I love math so much, and CS too..

    I believe that I can learn programming good enough on my own.. if I don't study CS. But can I learn math good enough on my own, if I don't study math?

    What is your suggestions about that?
    Please help me about it...

    Sorry for my bad English again .. and thank you..
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    Sounds like a recipe for a major in computer science with a minor in mathematics! I highly recommend this route, you'll thank me when you get near guaranteed job opportunities after your undergraduate degree in the private sector. Majoring in math with no computer science will make life after school without a graduate degree very difficult by comparison (trust me..)

    Undergraduate degrees in computer science and engineering are money makers, physics and mathematics will mean trouble even getting a decent job (if you're in America, I don't know about other places.)
  4. Jan 13, 2013 #3
    Thank you so much for your suggestion..

    I think, i will choose computer science.. Well, how can I do to learn mathematics as good enough on my own? Can I learn mathematics as good enough on my own? Is it possible?
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    Hey dbayraktar28 and welcome to the forums.

    If you are as good as you say you are, then I would not do a CS degree.

    I would instead focus on what not well versed in which would be mathematics or something that isn't CS.

    The reason is simple: you will get bored and it will mostly be an absolute waste of your time.
  6. Jan 14, 2013 #5
    100% agree with chiro on this one. I only took 3 CS classes and did a physics and math degree and that was plenty of enough CS for me. Anything beyond those 3 classes have been all self-study or experience on the job. A resume with any degree and as much experience as you say you have will land you a job there's no reason to go formally through those CS classes because, like chiro said also, they will just waste your time. On a side note, I would make sure that you have your hand in some projects while you're at school. With your background you can easily get into a computational physics or CS project at school and then throw that on your resume.
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