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Math project/research

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    I am in my 3rd semester at college, I have take Calculus 1,2,3 (derivatives, integrals, vector calculus) and linear algebra and next semester will be differential equations. I want to do some sort of a paper or a research project in the mathematical field. At school we do not have anything for mathematics as of now. I was wondering if someone could suggest a topic that I could work on.

    I looked at the topics we cover but could not find something to write about so just looked online for math projects. All i could find I have not covered yet mostly abstract algebra, number theory.

    From what I read I would be interested in doing an introduction to number theory but a topic from anything I cover would be great too.

    Thank you,
    any suggestions appreciated
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    Hmm... when I chose my dissertation I wouldn't let anyone else pick it for me, I'm a bit surprised you've chosen to write a paper before knowing what to write it on! Experiment around a little, see what interests you.

    Something you haven't done at all is probability. Get a book out on Markov chains, go through some of the theory, try some examples applied to queuing systems and see if you like it, it's an interesting topic that might complement the calculus and differential equations well (lots of all that stuff is used, but in the new context of probable outcomes and random processes).
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