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Quantum Math requirements of QM by J. J. Sakurai?

  1. Mar 25, 2015 #1
    What math should a person know to THOROUGHLY understand everything in this textbook(J. J Sakurai. Modern Quantum Mechanics)?

    (For refrence)
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    To thoroughly understand absolutely everything with zero mathematical mystery in Sakurai's book you would need pretty much everything you listed, plus knowledge of algebra/groups, operator theory, and representation theory.

    Most physics majors go through the standard three of four terms of calculus, have one or two linear algebra courses, learn about complex variables/DEs from mathematical physics courses, and then probably have a smattering of understanding of more advanced topics that they learned directly "from the physics", and we seem to get along with Sakurai once we get to grad school. Don't sweat the prerequisites for mathematics too much - the most important prerequisite for studying Sakurai is a year of undergrad QM.
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