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Quantum Math prerequisites for QM by David Griffiths

  1. May 5, 2015 #1
    What math should a person know to THOROUGHLY understand everything in this textbook(Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David Griffiths)?

    (For refrence)

    Please list all you think are necessary. Thanks
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  3. May 5, 2015 #2

    Yes, PDE theory is useful in QM, since the Schrodinger equation is essentially a PDE. But QM books will almost always teach you how to solve this equation, so PDE courses might not be so useful after all, certainly not if it's a very theoretical course.


    I don't think this will be very useful to QM, it is very useful in other parts of physics like E&M though.

    Definitely not useful. Unless you want to understand the mathematics behind the physics very well, in which case these courses are not enough by far. But again, it is perfectly possible to understand QM well without analysis.
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