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Mathematica - Optimization Over an Elipse

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    Hello, I need some assistance with Mathematica.

    I'm very new to the software, and am not very familiar with the programming language. I guess I'm a little bit lost as to where to go after defining my function. I'm not sure how to apply constraints, or really how to jump in and tackle this.

    I've attached a file with the instructions, and we've been directed to NOT use the maximize and minimize commands within Mathematica.

    If anyone can nudge me in the right direction, or give me insight into how to actually code this guy it would be very appreciated as I've not had much experience at all with the software and we've only ever done introductory functions and curves with the software.

    Thank you!

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    Looking at your test problem, Lagrange Multipliers doesn't look like it will be a difficult task for you to show by hand.

    Show how you would do that step by step.

    If you can show that you understand what you are supposed to understand and do then someone can probably help you translate that into a handful of lines of Mathematica.
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