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Mathematical induction/factoring

  1. Oct 10, 2006 #1
    [k(k+1)(k+2)(k+3) + 4(k+1)(k+2)(k+3)]/4
    Please, factor this out....
    What's the common factor? How did you get there? (ok i hope it doesnt require expanding the polynomials :p)
    would it be easier if i substituted every (k+x) by a different variable, where (k+1) would equal to variable 'A', (k+2) = B, and so forth?
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    Here's an example that may help:

    (x+7)(x+8)(x+9) + (x+7)(x+11)(x+13)

    Notice that both terms have (x+7) in common; so it's a common factor.

    You can factor this as (x+7) * [(x+8)(x+9) + (x+11)(x+13)]
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    oh all right i see,
    thanks a lot, take care!
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