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I'm about halfway through college and have just begun to realize that my understanding of mathematics is rather dismal. This may sound obvious but I know that I can do math because, in high school, once I finally understood a process (which I did in about average time) I could apply it to specific examples. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I learned anything but a random assortment of specific procedures from pre-Algebra to pre-Calculus and nothing like a foundational understanding of why math works or how its connected. So now, when I go on Wikipedia to look up another a math term, the definition is basically in another language. Being taught by coaches was probably not a huge help either, lol.

What I'm looking for, then, are two things. First, I'd like a list of mathematical subject areas (like arithmetic(?), pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, etc) that I need to know, hopefully in a rather hiearchical structure, so that I can move from a basic topic to its extension. Second, if anyone has any ideas on a book or textbook for any of these areas, I'd also appreciate that. (Maybe one textbook covers multiple basic ideas). Either of these things - or references to them - would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
ahh, ive found some helpful resources on other parts of this site. i'll start there, but feel free to chime in with any thoughts.

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