Maths Video:Visible Fibre Bundle

  1. Here is my maths seminar video:Visible Fibre Bundle,discussing the vivid picture of fibre bundle which is the basic concept in the modern differential geometry.
    My English is poor,but I think the maths ideal is helpful and interesting.


    How to embed it?
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  3. I didn't have time to watch enough to comment on the mathematics, but I have one huge suggestion for you: talk to someone who knows a lot about making videos! If you don't know anyone, then here are a few things I will suggest (someone who knows more about it can probably give you more and better ideas than these):
    1. Use a tripod. The low camera angle is distracting.
    2. Use a microphone. We can barely hear you.
    3. Clean that whiteboard, find a way to mount it on the wall, and temporarily get rid of that thing hanging above it. All this stuff is distracting.
    4. More light! Sometimes you are just a shadow against the whiteboard. The more diffuse the better, so you don't cast distracting shadows.

    The second two points might be more easily addressed by filming in a different location.
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