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Matlab help a noob

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    Hi there.. I am really noob to matlab i want to draw the following equation
    How can i draw this function?
    Can u help me?
    L takes values from 0 to 10km
    and Po=1watt
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    Well, start with the basics... do you know how to enter your data for L into Matlab? How about P(L)?
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    Code (Text):
    Po = 1; % define Po
    a = 0.2; % define a
    L = 0:10/100:10 % make a vector L with 100 elements evenly spaced from 0 to 10

    %option 1, compute P(L) one element at a time
    for i = 1:length(L) %loop through all values of L
        P1(i) = Po*exp(-a*L(i));

    %option 2, compute all the values at once
    P2 = Po*exp(-a*L);

    figure;plot(L,P1) % Plot P vs L
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