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Matlab Matrix Multiplication Query in an fft application

  1. Apr 2, 2009 #1
    Hey everyone, first of all id just like to clarify this isnt a homework or coursework related problem, its part of my personal MatLab learning for future years. I obtained a nice little siganls and systems question off a friend, it looked fairly simple but ive come across a problem which i cant find a solution to. Here goes...

    Investigate the frequency content X(f) of a single 10 Hz sinewave, lasting for a time T_end. Set the sample frequency to be fs=1000, and T_end to be 2. Plot the absolute value of the function X(f) as a against frequency f.

    Here is my code for this part.

    function [x, t] = sinewave(T_end)
    fs = 1000;
    ts = 1/fs;
    T = T_end;
    t = 0:ts:T_end-ts;
    f= -fs/2 : 1/T : fs/2-1/T; % sets the frequecncy axis, between -500 and (500-0.5).
    x = sin(2.*pi.*f.*t);
    X = fft(x);
    Y = fftshift(X); % shifts right hand end to its alias below f=0, as graph is periodic this just centers the plot about 0.

    xlabel('frquency Hz');
    title('frequency content at T end = 2');

    I believe this to be correct, and can explain the results obtained at different T_end values.

    The next part of the question is where I get stuck.

    Replace the line that defines x(t) with the code,
    t1= 0:ts:1.0-ts;

    in order to create a pulse of length 1.

    When this code is entered i get the standard, Error using ==> times
    Matrix dimensions must agree.

    Error in ==> sinwav at 9

    I know this error occurs due to matrix multiplication, but simply .*'ing does not solve it,
    the matrix sizes are apparaently as follows, x[1 x 2000] , t1[1 x 1000], t[1x2000],f[1 x 2000]. And im not actually sure if i should add the .'s and this would change the outcome.

    Any comments or information would be greatly appericated, and hopefully this will help others as well.

    Many Thanks
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