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Matlab optimisation problems

  1. Jan 18, 2008 #1
    hello ,i m quite new to Matlab and im sorry if my question is too trivial but i couldnt find answers in help.Im trying to solve an optimisation problem .given the execution time for different tasks(sorting algorithms),i plotted the cumulative distribution functions.(y axis-cumulative probability Q ;x axis-execution time t)
    I've managed to reduce my problem to this ;where NORMINV(Q,mu,sigma)=inverse of the normal cumulative distribution with mean 'mu',stddev 'sigma'
    Is it possible to solve such a problem in Matlab?i just want to confirm or how i can make it mathlab compatible.

    my problem is having derivatives in the constraints function.

    maximize Q
    Sum (NORMINV(Q,mu_i ,sigma_i ) * k_i ) <= K
    where k_i,K ,n are known constants.
    thank you
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