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Matlab: what is the distribution equal to in Matlab code

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A common way of displaying the distribution of a random variable is by a histogram. Consider the interval [a,b) divided into M sub-intervals (bins) of length ΔX. Given a set of N random values of x, call Nj the number of values that fall within the jth interval.
2. Relevant equations
If the expected value of Nj is

<Nj> = N Int(from a+(j-1)Δx to a+jΔx) Px(x) dx ~ NΔx/2[Px(a+(j-1)Δx) + Px(a+jΔx)]

where ΔX = (b-a)/M

where Px(x) is the distribution for x

3. The attempt at a solution

If i want to write a line of code that is the number of particles in a histogram bin of width Δv.

Then what is the Px in Matlab code ? What is it equal to ? If i put Px equal to a arbitrary number say rand(N) then is the line below then correct ?

Nj = (N.*deltaX)./2*rand(1,N); % Number of particles in a histogram of width Δv

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