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Matlab: what is the right 3D plotting function for my code?

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    Hi all, I have a simple question about 3D plotting.

    Consider this simple loop, which provides y and O for any x. and I am able to plot y vs O for given x.

    for Omega=0:.01:5





    now consider I want to change the value of x, for x=0:.1:3 and plot the group of y's and O's in one plot.(y~O~x) which one of the 3D plot functions are right for this purpose and what will be the code?

    I would appreciate you time and help,

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    You'll probably want to use meshgrid and surf. Something like:
    Code (Text):

    x = [color=#008000]linspace[/color](0, 3, 100);
    omega = [color=#008000]linspace[/color](0, 5, 100);
    [X Omega] = [color=#008000]meshgrid[/color](x, omega);
    Y = X [color=#666666].*[/color] Omega [color=#666666].^[/color]2;
    surf(X, Y, Omega); [color=#408080][i]% Or whatever order you want to plot...[/i][/color]
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