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MAxwell reciprocal theorem and symmetric stiffness matrix

  1. Dec 14, 2012 #1
    As per Maxwell reciprocal theorem, it is valid only for elastic materials and structures indergoing small displacements.That is k12 = k21, kij = kji hence stiffness matrix is symmetric.

    Howbver, I just have been going through MY OWN written programs for geometric non linear problems and I observe that stiffness matrix (assembled stiffness matrix) is well symmetric.

    How can stiffness matrix be symmmetric for non linear behaviour of structures?
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  3. Dec 14, 2012 #2
    Perhaps if you posted an example?

    What elements do you have in your matrix?

    kij is just a constant and therefore linear.
  4. Dec 15, 2012 #3
    I have beam elements in my matrix. It is a cantilever beema with end moment.
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