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MBA after an Engineering Degree or Business Degree?

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    If one wants to work as a financial or risk analyst, would it be better to have a bachelor in engineering or business? Obviously, a business major would help me in the field, but someone told me that this way you will become a one trick pony, you should have broad knowlege and go for a engineering degree and then mba..I have also heard that as engineer's mathematical and analytical skills very sharp, it would be a plus to have an engineering degree..I also saw this movie Margin Call, in which the risk analyst was a former civil engineer..So, please guide me on this matter
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    My advice is, if you have the amplitude to complete an engineering degree, you can most definitely complete almost any MBA program in the country, which is necessary not true about business then MBA. I've read countless articles about how today's business graduates don't have the problem solving or analytical thinking that STEM degree holders have. My plan is to finish my undergrad in engineering, work and then get my MBA. I've been in the business program before and there's a reason why its the most popular degree.
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