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MBA/Engineering degree or Physics MS

  1. Jul 27, 2010 #1
    A little bit about me first.
    I am 28 and have 4 semesters left to graduate with a BS in physics. I have an associates degree in Aviation and worked as an airline pilot for a few years. My experience in the aviation industry was basically composed of really low pay (15k yr), terrible hours, and hangovers. I was laid off about the same time my daughter was born. Rather than looking for another flying job in the recession, my wife and I decided that I should return to school.

    Due to our financial situation at the time, we moved in with my parents and I enrolled at a state university. I have always had an interest in mechanical engineering but they didn't offer that degree. I thought physics was close enough and have really enjoyed my classes. My wife has been putting me through school and fully supports my education.

    My GPA is a 3.4 due to college classes I took in high school and a few stumbles. I have been studying really hard since I've been back to school and should maintain or slightly raise my GPA.

    I need a little personalized guidance.
    I am very interested in Photovoltaics and think that the industry will continue to grow and provide many opportunities. I browse job ads and have seen some really cool ones, but am not quite sure where to go with my education. I don't really feel like I have the time to go for a PHD but would like to get a masters degree.

    There is a larger state school that offers a dual MBA/Mechanical Engineering degree that can be completed in 2 years. Is this is a good option? Would my resume look well-rounded or messy?

    If not that degree, what grad degree would I be able to put to good use in the photovoltaics field that would also complement my BS degree?

    Thanks in advance for the input.
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