A Mean field theory in the Heisenberg model

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I have a problem about heisenberg model.When applying mean field approximation,why does the average of spin flip terms be zero(<S+>=<S-> = 0 )? Thanks

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It's just a convention - you take the "mean field" such that the system magnetizes in the z direction, and take the magnetization in the other directions to zero.

More generally, in an arbitrary coordinate system, you assume that the system has a uniform magnetization given by
\mathbf{M} = \langle \mathbf{S}_i \rangle = M \hat{e}
where ##\hat{e}## is a unit vector in some direction. Now just choose your coordinate system such that the z direction points along ##\hat{e}##, and then you have ##\langle S^+ \rangle = \langle S^- \rangle = 0## in that coordinate system.

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