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I Measurement and Graphing. Dependence of a Pendulum on length

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    For the experiment, we were to determine the relationship between two quantities through linearization after collecting measurements. To verify that P~L^1/2. and determine proportionality constant, C.

    P=C√L/g= (Cg^-1/2)(L^1/2)

    Materials used were a timer, string(The pendulum on length), and a meter stick. Excel was also used to construct a line of best fit for the data. The length of the Pendulum for six trials. For each trial, we measured 20 cycles in seconds and set average periods in seconds. What im on now for my paper is sources of error. I'm not really sure what that means.... This is all new for me.
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    When it’s new and you have no preconceived notions is the best time to try and form your own ideas. You just made a bunch of measurements and came up with an answer. How are you going to speculate on how accurate and precise that number is? Take a shot.
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