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Measurement of capacitance of dielectric film using front contants

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    I have deposited a film of dielectric on SiO2 substrate. Then, deposited metal dots on the top of dielectric film to measure electrical properties. I want to measure capacitance using metal dots on the top of dielectric. Since I have SiO2 as a substrate, I can not make a parallel plate capacitance measurement. But someone told me, it is possible to calculate capacitance using only front contacts (two metal dots). It will be very helpful if someone can give a reference to book or article.

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    It believe (not 100% sure) it is possible to use what is essentially a Van der Pauw measurement to measure the capacitance (or rather the dielectric constant) of a thin film. Might be worth looking into. You can definitely use it to measure the surface resistance.
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    Thanks f95toli, I tried to find more material using Van der Pauw measurement for dielectric constant, but I could not find. Please let me know if you can get any reference. I really appreciate your help.

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