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Measurement uncertainties

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    In an attempt to determine how the temperature varies over a distance of 100m I have taken five temperature measurements for every 10 meters, for a total of 55 measurements. I have then, for each dataset of N=5, calculated the mean value, standard deviation and standard error. Finally, I've plottet the mean value with error bars in Excel in what I believe is the most accurate and informative way to represent this data (mean temperature on the y-axis, and distance on the x-axis).

    So far so good I think, but how do I include the accuracy of the, say, 3 1/2 digit measurement equipment if it was specified as accurate to within +/- 5% and +/-3 digits?
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    Moderator(s): I'm moving this to a less obscure subforum (EE probably) in order to get some more traffic. It was misplaced in the first place I think. Please close or delete this thread.
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