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Measuring the electron field emenating from the Earth

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    Is there any portable/small device that will allow me to measure the strength of the electron field emanating from the earths surface, i.e., the ground at a given location?

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    Simon Bridge

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    Sorry, my ignorance proceeds me. Measuring the volume and movement of the particles is what I am after, not an "electric" field. My understanding is that there is a constant stream of electrons emanating from the surface of the planet and I am interested in the quantum biological effects of those electrons. I think the article you linked may provide some insights so I thank you for that!
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    Please provide a reference for this, as it's not something I've ever heard before and sounds like it's been either made up or simplified beyond all recognition.

    I'm fairly certain that there are no biological effects from any electrons moving about in this manner. Note that your body is regularly subjected to charging and discharged processes that you usually don't notice. (Except for those cold winter days where your car shocks you every time you open the door) Other than the being a little painful sometimes, these have little to no effects on your body.
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    Simon Bridge

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    ... I'd be interested as to where you get this idea from too.
    Note: a flux of charged particles through (or from) a surface is usually called a current.

    ... such a stream, like every other natural phenomenon, would have influenced evolution so that surviving species would have no significant adverse effect. The quantum biology would be expected to reflect this.
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    Perhaps the OP has misunderstood or garbled the fact that the Earth radiates VLF and ELF 'radio' signals. This is of particular interest to meteorologists, geologists and others. There are radio enthusiasts who listen to, log, and record these broadcasts as well. There are no associated health issues with these natural radiations.

    Some links of interest:


    Have fun!

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