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Homework Help: Measuring the Gravitational Constant

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    A student proposes to measure the gravitational constant G by suspending two spherical objects from the ceiling of a tall cathedral and measuring the deflection of the cables from the vertical. Draw a free-body diagram of one of the objects. If two 100.0 kg objects are suspended at the lower ends of cables 45.00 m long and the cables are attached to the ceiling 1.000m apart, what is the separation of the objects?

    My biggest problem here is I'm not sure how to draw a diagram of this. I think once I find out how to draw what's described it will be easier to solve. Is this describing two seperate cables with two separate objects or one cable with two objects attached at the end. Any help in describing the figure I should draw will be great thanks.
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    Two cables attached at the ceiling exactly one meter apart.
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