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Programs Mech. Engr.: Returning to get your Masters/PhD after 3 years in industry?

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    I'm only an ME undergraduate right now, but I'm pursuing this path that may lock me in industry (CAD/CAM/machine design/etc.) for a minimum of 3 years after graduation. It's not quite the technical path that I wanted to go into, but the opportunity seems too great to pass up for now.

    How feasible would it be to go back into graduate school to get a Masters and/or PhD after 3 years of being away from the more (for lack of a better phrase) math-intensive areas of Mechanical Engineering?

    I don't want to end up doing machine modeling & design for the rest of my ME career; I'd rather do HVAC, robotics or materials research. But the fact that I'll be doing none of those things for 3 continuous years right after getting my Bachelor's worries me.

    Any advice?
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    I earned my BS in Nuclear Engineering, worked for 4 years, then went back and earned a MS in mechanical engineering. It turned out to be a good combonition for me.

    You can earn your masters in engineering online or night school and keep working if this is best for you.
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