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Mechatronics undergraduate degree

  1. Jan 27, 2009 #1
    Hi all! Firstly great site ive been looking for something like this!

    I just finished year 12(in australia) and will be going to uni this year doing an undergrade degree in mechatronics engineering at monash uni(4 years). I need some advise on which electives i should take. Im interested in AI, robotics, Math and physics but i heard that there isn't many/any jobs in the robotics field in australia. My concern is that if i decide on taking robotics as an elective i wont find a job.

    Here is my course outline:

    First year:
    compulsory units
    ENG1020 Engineering structures
    ENG1030 Electrical systems
    ENG1040 Engineering dynamics
    ENG1050 Engineering materials
    ENG1060 Computing for engineers
    ENG1091 Mathematics for engineering

    Elective units:
    need to pick one of the following
    ENG1010 Process systems analysis
    ENG1061 Engineering profession
    ENG1071 Chemistry for engineering
    ENG1081 Physics for engineering

    Second year:
    compulsory units
    ENG2092 Advanced engineering mathematics B
    TRC2000 Mechatronics project I
    TRC2100 Mechatronic design
    TRC2200 Thermo-fluids and power systems
    TRC2201 Mechanics
    TRC2300 Digital electronics
    TRC2400 Computer programming
    TRC2500 Electronics

    third year:
    compulsory units
    MTE2544 Functional materials
    TRC3000 Mechatronics project II
    TRC3200 Dynamical systems
    TRC3300 Microprocessor systems
    TRC3500 Sensors and artificial perception
    TRC3501 Power electronics and drives
    TRC3600 Modelling and control
    TRC3801 Mechatronics and manufacturing

    fourth year:
    compulsory units
    TRC4000 Mechatronics final year project I
    TRC4001 Mechatronics final year project II
    TRC4002 Professional practice
    TRC4800 Robotics
    TRC4801 Digital communications

    Elective units:
    Need to pick 3 of the following
    ECE4054 Electrical energy power converters and motors
    ECE4055 Electrical energy - power eleclronic applications
    ECE4074 Advanced computer architecture
    ECE4075 Real time embedded systems
    ECE4076 Computer vision
    ECE4078 Intelligent robotics
    ECE4084 Biomechanlcs of human musculo-skeletal systems
    ECE4087 Medical technology Innovation
    MEC4418 Control systems
    MEC4425 Micro-nano solid and fluid mechanics
    MEC4426 Computer-aided design
    MEC4428 Advanced dynamics
    MEC4444 Industrial noise control
    MEC4446 Composite & structures
    MTE3545 Functional materials and devices

    I got highest in my school for math and physics but i heard that this is a very difficult course so should i be reading anybooks to get prepared or anything?
    also what type of jobs can a mechatronics engineer do?

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  3. Jan 29, 2009 #2

    I go to Monash too and would like to extend a welcome. Straight to the point - take whatever electives that interest you. As far as I've heard, electives don't make much of a difference to your employability. When you start your first job, you get some form of training anyway. As long as your marks are good, you'll have nothing to fear.

    You can take your time deciding all your electives except for your first year elective. I'd advice you to take physics or process since the former will be most useful later on and the latter is supposed to be one of the most challenging first year ENG units (however I found it easy so I'm not convinced). It also gives you more flexibility in case you take an interest in chemical engineering.

    Don't worry about reading ahead - all the first year units are very basic introductory ones. If you did things like uni maths and had good physics and spesh maths marks, it'll be a piece of cake (in fact, that's what turned me away but that's another story).

    Well, you'd be able to do any job that requires electrical engineering or mechanical engineering degrees. From what I've read though, the ideal job would be a factory automaton and systems designer - you know, those mechanical arms that make cars and such...

    Hope that helps.

    (I think there's someone else on the forum who's in monash doing electrical engineering but I don't think he checks the place much)
  4. Jan 29, 2009 #3
    Thanks for that reply!

    Yeah i put physics for my first year elective just cause it sounded more interesting and i'll most likely leave it at that. If i take process systems does that allow me to do chemical engineering if it interests me more that mechatronics?

    In terms of jobs, is there many/any places in australia that do robotic projects and how employable am i if i wanted to join large robotic firms or large scale companies overseas(NASA would be awesome lol). So a mechatronics degree doesnt restrict me to only working on robots, what are some of the things and kind of work i can get into with such a degree?
  5. Jan 29, 2009 #4
    As I've said, any job that requires a mechanical or an electrical engineering degree will be open to you. The CSIRO is there if you want to do industrial type research.

    Yes, ENG1010 Process Systems Analysis will allow you to switch to chemical engineering if you change your mind. You don't strictly need it in fact (I'd check with a course advisor on that) but it'll expose you to it. I'd definitely say that physics will be more bang for your buck but a little warning - it's going to be express physics, going through each topic very quickly - at least by the looks of the syllabus anyway.

    Enjoying the heatwave?
  6. Jan 29, 2009 #5
    ok thanks again,

    yeh its too hot to get any sleep here lol.
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