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Methods of learning calculus

  1. Apr 6, 2016 #1
    May you please share your recommendations in regard to means of effectively learning calculus: if it be through books, then what titles are noteworthy or alternatively, what websites are reliable and are of a high standard? Thank you!
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    Two of my students started with the free Ohio State Calc One course through Coursera.
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    Given your recent threads, you are not ready for calculus at all. You should be starting with basic algebra. There are many websites such as Khan Academy that will help you with algebra, but you need to be sure to do a lot of problems!
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    Right. Taking Calculus before you have mastered algebra will be a fruitless exercise in frustration.
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    Thanks for all your help.
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    You also have to have a foundation in trigonometry, as well. Calculus is an integration of algebra, trigonometry, and all the other math skills learned previously. You'll miss out if you lack one or another.
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    This is true in most cases. However, there are many versions of Calculus that rely only on algebra without pre-requisite knowledge in trig. A lot of "business calculus" type courses are examples. Many key theorems and concepts in Calculus may be learned without trig, as there are many examples of functions to demonstrate and practice them without trig. However, one would be poorly prepared for a science or engineering major with these approaches.
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