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Microeconomics with Game Theory

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    Hello. I'm currently looking for a textbook which emphasizes microeconomic theory on a more advanced level compared to the mass-marketed books, (e.g. Mankiw, McConell, ...) and a textbook that contains more game theory. Does anyone have suggestions?
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    The Mas-Colell et al. book recommended by jedishrfu is the standard graduate-level micro theory textbook. It is very good, but also very technical. If you main interest is in obtaining a more advanced understanding of the economic principles (rather than of the rigorous mathematical formulation of those principles) then I would recommend

    "Microeconomic Theory: Basic Principles and Extensions" by Nicholson and Snyyder


    "The Applied Theory of Price" by Donald N. McCloskey (this is out of print, but you should be able to find a used copy and it is an excellent, excellent book).

    If you do want a graduate-level treatment, but find Mas-Colell et al. to be a little heavy-going then strandard alternatives are

    "Microeconomic Analysis" by Varian,
    “Advanced Microeconomic Theory” by Jehle and Reny

    For game theory, I would go with a specialist book. I think the book "Game Theory" by Gibbons is excellent for this purpose.
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    Agree with ubiquitousuk.

    Game Theory: An Introduction by Tadelis is good.
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