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In summary, the conversation revolves around the idea of creating a modded GameCube controller for "Super Smash Bros.: Melee" with a "short-hop" button. The button would send a quick jolt of current when pressed, allowing for easier short hopping in the game. The person asking the question has limited electrical experience but is interested in taking on the project. The suggestion is to use a one-shot device to create the desired effect and it is clarified that this controller will not be used in tournaments.
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I want to make a modded GameCube controller for "Super Smash Bros.: Melee"

I play the game fairly competitively, going to tournaments here and then. It would be very helpful if I could have a "short-hop" button. This would hopefully be implemented on the y button.

What this button needs to do is, when pressed, send a short jolt of current, then stop as soon as it registers that I press the button, but no longer. This way, I could press the button and hold it, but the game would sense it as me just tapping it.

I once helped my friend build a DDR pad using a PSX controller, but that's about the only electrical experience I've had. I know the very basics, but no more.

How hard would this be to accomplish? Would it be easy to do?

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that kind of seems like an unfair advantage having a souped up controller, though i don't see a short hop on SSB as that advantageous. I'll just pretend this is for experimental purposes and not cheating.

but functionally, it sounds like a job for a one shot, a device that has a pulse of HIGH to LOW (or LOW to HIGH) for a specific amount of time, determined by some capacitors
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This will definitely NOT be used in tournaments. I'm definitely 100% for fair play. I probably should have clarified that.

I just think it'd be a fun project to do. :D
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Yes, a one-shot is your answer. You could probably connect the new button in parallel with the old one, too.

- Warren
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Great. Thanks. I'll look into that.

This is just going to be something that's soldered on between the existing circuitry and the button?

1. What is modding a Gamecube controller?

Modding a Gamecube controller refers to the process of modifying or customizing the physical components of the controller in order to enhance its performance or aesthetics.

2. What are some common modifications for Gamecube controllers?

Some common modifications for Gamecube controllers include replacing the buttons with custom-colored ones, adding LED lights, installing different joysticks or buttons for improved performance, and even customizing the controller's exterior design with paint or decals.

3. Is modding a Gamecube controller legal?

Modding a Gamecube controller is generally considered legal, as long as it does not involve any illegal modifications that could potentially harm others or violate copyright laws. However, it is important to check the rules and regulations of specific gaming tournaments or events, as they may have their own restrictions on modified controllers.

4. Do I need any special tools or skills to mod a Gamecube controller?

Some basic tools such as screwdrivers and pliers may be necessary for certain modifications, but many modifications can be done without any special tools. As for skills, while some modifications may require advanced knowledge of electronics or soldering, there are also simple modifications that can be done by beginners with the help of online tutorials.

5. Where can I find resources or tutorials for modding a Gamecube controller?

There are many online resources and tutorials available for modding a Gamecube controller, including YouTube videos, forums, and websites dedicated to gaming and controller modifications. It is important to do thorough research and follow instructions carefully to ensure a successful and safe modification.

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