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Modding Gamecube controller. Help

  1. Apr 4, 2007 #1
    I want to make a modded GameCube controller for "Super Smash Bros.: Melee"

    I play the game fairly competitively, going to tournaments here and then. It would be very helpful if I could have a "short-hop" button. This would hopefully be implemented on the y button.

    What this button needs to do is, when pressed, send a short jolt of current, then stop as soon as it registers that I press the button, but no longer. This way, I could press the button and hold it, but the game would sense it as me just tapping it.

    I once helped my friend build a DDR pad using a PSX controller, but that's about the only electrical experience I've had. I know the very basics, but no more.

    How hard would this be to accomplish? Would it be easy to do?

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    that kind of seems like an unfair advantage having a souped up controller, though i don't see a short hop on SSB as that advantageous. I'll just pretend this is for experimental purposes and not cheating.

    but functionally, it sounds like a job for a one shot, a device that has a pulse of HIGH to LOW (or LOW to HIGH) for a specific amount of time, determined by some capacitors
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    This will definitely NOT be used in tournaments. I'm definitely 100% for fair play. I probably should have clarified that.

    I just think it'd be a fun project to do. :D
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    Yes, a one-shot is your answer. You could probably connect the new button in parallel with the old one, too.

    - Warren
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    Great. Thanks. I'll look in to that.

    This is just going to be something that's soldered on between the existing circuitry and the button?
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