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MATLAB Model a circle using finite difference equation in matlab

  1. Aug 24, 2014 #1
    hello. I have a matlab skeleton provided because i want to model a distribution with a circular geometry. all in all, i want the 3d graph of the code to be some type of cylinder. This is the code:

    % flat step condition
    for ii=1:nHi,
    for jj=1:nHj,
    if (X(ii)/R_P)<1 & (Y(ii)/R_P)<1,

    nHi is the maximum size of nodes in X direction and nHj is the maximum size in Y direction while R_P is the radius of the circle. I am struggling with this code because when I execute this, it only appears with a rectangular graph, instead of a circle-ish, when viewed from the top.

    what the code is trying to say is,
    if node is less than the diameter (x or y node),
    thickness is initial+step
    thickness is initial.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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    Just a hunch, have you tried replacing this:

    if (X(ii)/R_P)<1 & (Y(ii)/R_P)<1

    with this?

    if ((X(ii) - Xm)^2 + (Y(ii) - Ym)^2 < R_P^2)

    where Xm and Ym are the coordinates of the center of the circle.
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    Are you trying to embed a circle to a square domain or are you trying to make a circle domain? Why not do it in polar coordinates?
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