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Modern physics

  1. Sep 12, 2007 #1
    I'll be transferring to a 4-yr university for this fall and the modern physics class I'm considering taking will cover thermodynamics, quantum mech, and modern physics. But at my community college I already took 3 semesters of calc-based physics, including modern physics.
    This class will only use math up to partial derivatives. No linear algebra, mulitple integrals, stokes and divergence thm. The textbook used by the class is Concepts of Modern Physics by Beiser. The class is only required as a PREPARATION for the major in physics, therefore it isnt require for the major(it is lower-division). Its also not a prereq for ANY of the upper-div classes.

    I'm only considering taking it because I figure it should be an easy A, a gpa booster, since I took modern physics at my community college. But my staff advisors still recommend I take it. Should I take this course? or will it be a waste of time? I can take an upper-div math class instead
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    What textbook did you use at the community college, and how much time did you actually spend on modern physics? A whole semester, or just part of a semester?

    How much of Beiser does the university's course cover? Can you get hold of a syllabus for the course so you can compare the topics with what you've had already?
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    Beiser is a standard, decent text and a modern course with it would help. Additionally, if this is your first physics course at the university you just transfered to, it might be helpful to take a course which is slightly easier as a way of getting to know the department.

    Besides, another round of modern physics isn't going to hurt you. My opinion, take the course. And as for that upper division math course, take it also.
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    at my community college, we used halliday, resnick, and krane. it was a whole semester

    I dont know how my professor will taech the modern physics class at my new school. I tried emailing him, but no response so far

    I just skimmed through the beiser text. The content almost looks EXACTLY the same as what I already learned in my previous modern physics class. There's BARELY (an is 3 pages worth) any math beyond single-variable calculus

    so my only incentive to take the course is for the easy grade, becuase I'll probably not learn anything new. unless the professor teaches differently from the book and uses higher-level mathematics
  6. Sep 13, 2007 #5
    so is this course worth taking for the easy grade alone?
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