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Modern physics

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    hello everybody . i have an exam in modern physics ,about relativistic kinematics and relativistic dynamics and quantum effects . but i have some difficulties when solving problems and i'd like to work it more . so if anyone knows an interesting link or a free ebook where i can find solved problems that can help me better understanding the topics let me know. i will be grateful. thanks very much :smile:
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    hi i beg ur pardon but i don't see this as a homework . as long as it is not an exercise or a question from the course. it is just a simple request for help. that's all . thanks
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    I think he may have been thinking of the "Math & Science Learning Materials" forum. That's where people post references to useful things that they've found, and sometimes even post their own material specifically written for PF.


    Look in both the "INtroductory Physics Learning Materials" and "Advanced Physics Learning Materials" sections.
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    hi thanks . i'm really sorry for the misunderstanding. but really i need some help if u can of course!! .
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    no reply???? why ???
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    You'll get just as much help on the other forum and there's people there who like to help. This forum is more for the general discussion of Special and General Relativity, so someone browsing this forum, who comes across your post, probably won't be interested in helping you because they're in here for a different reason.

    On the other hand, if you post in the suggested forums, I think you'll find help in this particular request much more readily available.

    p.s. I'd help you out if I could but I can't
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    Sorry I can't help. I'm pretty well grounded in the concepts of SR & GR, but only from my own study and a dimly remembered SR class... good luck, though.
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    thanks u very much it is really kind of u
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    thanks for u .it is so kind of u
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