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Moral Codes

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    I have to write an essay on moral codes that we use in everyday life, and how i honour them even if the norms of society may challenge me. Can someone please give me someone simple Moral Codes that we use in everyday life besides the Ten Commandments.Thanks
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    How about the Code of Hammurabi? An eye for an eye. Our justice system follows this to an extent.
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    If it is SIMPLE moral codes you're after, they are in all probability immoral..:wink:
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    This is the question i have to answer for my essay. Can anyone give me some examples please.

    Morality plays a significant role in society especially amongst Catholics.We have been raised not only to follow the norms of society but more importantly the moral codes set by out institutions. Write a brief essay explaining three moral codes that are very important in your life. Express why the moral code is important to you and possibly your family and how do you intend to honour it when the norms of society may challenge you.
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    Never initiate a harmful action against another. The key word is initiate.

    Always defend self and others against those that violate the first moral code.

    Never live your life for another person, and never expect others to live their life for you.
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    I don't know how anyone else can give you information that govern your actions. You'll have to do that for yourself. Basically moral codes are rules to be used when interacting with others. Today these seem to sometimes be a bit fluid; such as "I mustn't steal anything from others, - - - unless it is something smaller than 'X'", thus if I download copyrighted music I can forgive myself, and the extent of 'X' may change (for some of us).

    Anyway, you know the rules that you live by. This is a chance for you to think about them.

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