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Most Genius Physicists on Earth?

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    I was wondeing whom you guys think are the most brilliant physicists on Earth?

    I'm guessing the go-to #1 would be Ed Whitten, but who are a few others you can think of? Please don't say Brian Greene :)
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    alive? or any time period?
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    Who cares? ....................Me. I am the greatest. Not another one of these threads....sigh.
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    Dude, seriously. This thread has already been done 1000 times in GD. Lame.
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    Well, I guess that some names that might come to the minds of most people might be Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene (sorry), Lisa Randall, and practically anyone else who's written a book about physics intended for the general public. Not to say that these people aren't brilliant, but to be perfectly honest, I've found most of my physics professors to be exceptionally intelligent individuals as well. Perhaps the question we should be asking is which physicists are not brilliant.

    I'd certainly make that list! :rofl:
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    Lisa Randall, Stephen Hawking, Brain Greene? Are you sure you're not just listing people that have written recent and famous books about physics?
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    That seems to be a problem. People just name drop to make themselves look good.
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    Why don't you write 5 more posts about how you don't like this thread. Jeez. You aren't contributing anything positive to this thread so get out of here. Dude, how old are you? You write like your are 17.
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    Because this thread is pointless and you should know better than to put it in the main physics section, when we already have 2 threads on this topic done before in GD.

    If you really want to know, then READ through those threads.


    HERE READ IT! <SMACK> :wink:

    Do we really need ANOTHER thread about this?

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    Well, actually I am, and that was my point exactly. In the earlier days of physics, most of the earth-shattering discoveries were made by specific individuals. A nineteenth century person might have mentioned Maxwell or Boltzmann as the "genius physicist" of the day. These days there still are still earth-shattering discoveries in physics, but they tend to be made by collaborations of researchers, and it's unclear which specific individual should receive the credit, if any. So it's harder to point to just two or three persons and call them the best physicists around. Again, I'm not saying that Hawking, Greene, Randall, and various other authors aren't great physicists. I'm just saying that the same could be said of many physicists that I know.
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    Chi Meson

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    Dude, you write like you're 21.
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    Well I'm 17 sooo... This thread is teh sucks!
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    The mere fact that you ask who is the most brillant physicist is a blatant proof that you are unaware of the history of physics, and knowledge in general.

    By the way, Witten is not a physicist as long as strings is not a theory about the physical world. Witten is a brillant mathematician, but strings do not even make a theory so far...
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    Please lock this thread. Cyrus polluted it.
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    You're welcome! :biggrin:
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    Ya, that's how questions work humanino. You ask about things you don't know and kind people answer your question to help you learn. But sometimes, you ask a question and an idiot attacks the question because he himself can offer no answers.

    You must be unaware of the history of questions, and answers in general.
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    Before you lock this thread I would like to add my first physics professor, Sultan Catto. He was pretty special! He has a way of inspiring his students that reached deep into my imagination. And he would do the "Macarena" for us too!
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    Dude, I love this crappy thread :biggrin: :tongue: :biggrin:
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