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Most simple way to dispence fluid one minim at a time ?

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    I have a project Im working on and cant decide what the simplest (and lowest cost) method would be to dispense a fluid manually one minim at a time (0.00208333 fluid ounce)

    I though about a Micrometer Head affixed to a 1/2cc Insulin Syringe,
    (1 minim, = 0.0591939 CC)

    Any other ideas or off the shelf suggestions ?


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    I don't know what kind of budget you have, but here's an off the shelf suggestion:


    The 3mm stroke can be set to a resolution of 30,000 steps, so with a small diameter syringe in the pump you can get very precise dispensing. One major downside though is having to use RS-232 and hyperterminal to program and run it. It also uses a non-standard pin layout for RS-232 so you have to either make your own cable or pay extra for theirs.

    If you're going the cheapest way possible then your suggestion sounds reasonable, but I'm not sure how you will get it lined up perfectly concentric, and your stopper will likely compress so you will have some kind of offset. What kind of tolerance is reasonable for your project?
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    What are your tolerances?
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