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Mounting big-screen TV on wall bracket

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    I have a Samsung 42" similar to this one:
    except that of course mine doesn't show sports.

    I've mounted it on a wall support but the TV does not seem stable. I can grab it and wobble it. The wall support is not the problem; it is solid as a rock, the weak point seems to be the mount points in the TV itself. The wall support connnectors go right up to the plastic backing of the TV and screw firmly into the metal superstructure inside the TV. But when I go to tilt the TV the whyole plasic back bends as if the TV's going to pull right off.

    I don't understand how the TV can be connected to the metal superstructure and yet still wobble. The only thing I can think of is that the TV superstructure itself is actually solid as a rock, but that the plastic shell of the TV (including the sides where I grab it) is overly flexible.

    If it were possible, I'd simply tilt the TV by grabbing the wall supports. That would work perfectly except that they are well-behind the TV, almost unreachable.

    Should my TV not be solid? Advice?
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    It doesn't matter. If it does, use Jesus tape.
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    Don't you have tension adjustment provisions in the pivot points of the bracket?
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    I had that, the mount came with a metal plate (12x15") that screwed onto the TV mounting holes and then this screwed to the wall bracket.
    The plate was purely to stiffen the TV, you could mount the brackets directly to the TV holes but then the TV case would flex when you tilted it.
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    Yeah, this might be the key. There are half-inch nylon spacers between the TV and the mounting bars. I have to use these spacers because the TV has a lip on the bottom edge and the spacers are needed to clear it. Maybe if I cut down the length of the mounting bars so that they don't hit the lip then I won't need the spacers, and that'll make the thing rigid.
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