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Multi Programs in one bootable Thumb drive

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    Anyone knows how to have one bootable thumb drive with multiple programs? So that we can select the program needed to boot up (run). This can save the thumb drive too because some programs are not too big.

    I will appreacite for any help!!!

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    Any bootable thumb drive can have multiple programs.
    After you boot run the program you want!

    Do you mean boot multiple operatng systems?
    It should be possible to have a bootloader like LILO or Grub on the thumb drive and boot multiple OSs. I have never seen it done.
    Most drives only implement a subset of drive commands needed for fat/fat32 so you have to have the other OS partitions as image files.
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    I can't see why you wouldent be able to make 2 FAT partitions on 1 drive especially a big one the problem that you would face would not be puting 2 OSes on 1 thumb drive but booting one of the OSes.

    the only thing that you can choose to boot in bios is the thumb drive or usb device not the specific OS on the drive

    peace out,
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