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Must Reads for starting electrical engineering?

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    Hi, I'm really interested into pursuing an EE career. I like reading but textbooks tend to bore me, on the other hand I love reading about the history of how particular science came to be, such as http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=22873129". Because I find that I learn better when I'm not being told what to do but why its better to do it. After reading parts of this enormous book, I noticed that I became fixated on the topic much more than any school teacher has been able to motivate me to do. So my question is are there more novels like these (preferably less than 1200 pages)? :) I also love using MATLAB at school to do my math and physics homework, i write little scripts to store all the question data and just execute an answer ;). I love other little programming languages as well, like VB and AS3 because I also enjoy making interactive flash programs to put on my website. I've never tried C or Java or any of the bigger languages yet though, oh well. Anyways, long rant short, does anyone have recommendations?
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