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News My god .the Infinite Stupidity

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    My god.....the Infinite Stupidity

    Why...my god why are some people so stupid

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081024/ap_on_re_us/attack_mccain_sticker;_ylt=AjaQPvAdBZO4KBEn7aNTEKIDW7oF [Broken]

    My guess is that Joe the Plumber is also on a similar agenda.
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    Re: My god.....the Infinite Stupidity

    I wouldn't read anything into this other than that she is a mentally disturbed individual with a history of prior mental health problems.
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    Re: My god.....the Infinite Stupidity

    Yes, it takes real mental problems to cut into your own face. She's not your typical overzealous campaign worker.
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