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My stupid cousin gets me into trouble

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    my 16 year old cousin always get me into trouble.. the story goes like this..
    we go to school together and my aunt keeps on telling me that keep an eye on him (he is 16 and i'm 17).. i lie to my aunt to cover him up.. like the other week, my cousin went home late and he told my aunt that he waited at school coz my class ended late.. i was like.. what the?! i was home early that day..
    when he gets drunk from partying he will say that he will sleepover in our house.. when he was caught stealing and he told the police that i told him to do that.. i get into trouble because of his crazy antics.. i think he needs serious spanking..

    i mean he needs to get into boot camp that will teach him a lesson!! i seriously will suggest it to my aunt.. and good thing my aunt aint buying his lies..
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    Stop lying for him and let your aunt know what he is really doing. 16 and drunk?! Such things disturb me. One day he will learn his lesson. All of this will come down on him.
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    I think you need a serious head butt, because he is abusing your trust and you are falling for it, and irregardless of the fact that you know he is lying, other people are going to suspect you as being a bad influence if you keep up the charade of trying to offer protection to him. Where are your parents in all of this when he tells the police that you set him up to steal, or uses your house as a sleepover when under alcoholic influence? Something is seriously wrong here, if in fact your behaviour is as tidy as you seem to portray.
    If that is the case, the simple answer to your problem is basically "NO" - you will not enable any of his his endeavours that compromise your safety and health.
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    Tell him that you won't lie for him again. If he abuses your trust to stay out of trouble, then this is bad for you and for him. He needs to learn the consequences of his own actions. He won't learn that if you keep covering up his mistakes.

    Just say the truth from now on...
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    It's also kind of unfair your aunt wants you to "watch" your cousin. Whatever he does is his responsibility not yours. You're getting caught in between the middle. I would tell your cousin not you're not going to lie for him, and tell your aunt that you're not his babysitter, you've gone your own life to worry about.
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    I could see the "watch your little sibling/cousin" attitude if they were several years younger, but not 1 year. Don't lie for him any more. Not only will it not do him any good, it won't do you any good either. And I don't mean by getting in trouble by your aunt. If you don't stand up to people then you WILL get bossed around and made to do some questionable things in life through lying for people or not doing something you should because someone else doesn't want to get in trouble. Trust me, I'm in the Air Force and after 9 years I STILL see people of all ages and rank trying to pull this. Usually it's minor things like paperwork or something, but occasionally it's something important that you *must* stand up to or someone will get hurt or something will get damaged. (Not that the paperwork and such isn't important too. It saves time in the end to do it right the first time instead of fudging things and then spending a few days taking apart a cruise missile because someone didn't get the serial number off a component that was installed or forgot to put a seal in. Just for example of course...)
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