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My theorem is right.

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    My theorem is right. "Inside a regular inscribed hexagon, the radius of the circle IS equal to the sides of the hexagon"

    You can lock the thread, but poeple wanted to discuss this. Maybe it is 2000 years old and that's why it's still up for debate. Can we please discuss it? I said nothing of Pi.
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    Re: Censorship

    Yes, it is true that the radius of a circle circumscribed about a regular hexagon, is the same as the side of the hexagon. Yes, you could phrase that as a "regularly inscribed hexagon" but it would be better to say "inscribed in a circle". And the word "Inside" confuses things greatly! And while you did not say anything about pi in the thread, the title, "Why pi is wrong" was questionable!

    Now that we understand what you were saying, and agree that it is right, I see no reason to continue the thread.
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    Re: Censorship

    i thought this was going to be an application of linear algebra to censorship.
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    Re: Censorship

    crocque, you were trolling us hard. We asked you multiple times to present all of your stuff, but you refused to do so. The lock was justified.

    And by the way, we don't allow original research here...
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    Re: Censorship

    Okay, Micro. Let's not get our panties in a wad. No original research. No free thinking allowed.
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    Re: Censorship

    This is not about linear algebra.
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