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NASA Astronaut talks about his experiences on reddit

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    Very interesting!
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    Discovery News picked this up, it's awesome how Viral it got.

    Love the part about the descent back through the atmosphere.

    -"What was going through your mind as you were coming back to earth?"
    -Ron : "I hope the heat shield and parachutes work"
    -"Huh, I was expecting something more like "I was looking forward to seeing my family again" but yeah, that would logically be going through my mind to. Was it a bumpy ride back?"
    -Ron :"it was like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel (that's on fire) followed by a high speed crash"

    And about Mars which sparked a dino-debate.

    -"Would you be willing to accept the enormous risks to travel to Mars? "
    -Ron :"Yes for the same reason I accept the risk of flying to the ISS - because it is important for our future (if the dinosaurs had a space program they'd still be here)"
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