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Nasty little beggars not only eat our home

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    The nasty little beggars not only eat our homes, oh no, they have to try and kill us by global warminig .


    Paul Eggleton, a scientist with Britain's Natural Environmental Research Council, announced last week that termite flatulence is responsible for as much as 20 percent of the world's methane. Eggleton said that each year termites release 88 million tons of methane as they chew through old leaves, trees, and soil. According to Eggleton, "It's a lot of methane, but there are a lot of termites."

    I am studying a way to use termite gas to power motor vehicles, doe's any one know the termite mass to food ratio neede to produce a cubic yard of gas per hr?
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    I think it can be calculated by taking measurements at a familly reunion and scaling down.
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    This won't work due to considerations uncovered in the follow-up study:
    http://www.yaleherald.com/archive/xix/4.7.95/news/globePT2.html [Broken]

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    Thanks Zooby, i did not know termites had feelings, it sort of makes them an even worse pest, it has given me another idea though, may be i can run my vehicle off of man made wood gas, (made by chemical means) i would not have to eat wood :yuck: Does any one know which trees are the most gas eous?
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    Maybe you should switch to cows. They are not at all embarrased about their flatulence, and if one or two of them fail to produce, you can eat them instead of eating wood. I'm not sure how you would keep them piped up, though. There's a lot of solid stuff coming out that same hole.:biggrin:
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    The gas used in dentistry is fun.
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    you don't pipe the cows, you feed them rubber tree leaves and capture the gas in fart bubble balloons. I think
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    That's the old technology. Whenever solids came out instead of gases, the resulting product was marketed as medicine balls. The problem is that the medicine ball market can be saturated quite easily. How many medicine balls does any given gym need? That led to further innovation, such as pre-loaded whoopie cushions, but that craze soon died as well, leaving cattlemen with a valuable product that was so hard to market that it was literally slipping away from them.
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    how the hack could one gather the termite's farts? this research is odd. methan can be gasthered from garbage sites... but thermites.. erg..

    i have a friend who once lived in kenya, once they had a few temites in their house.
    the solution?
    they cooked them on a pan.

    they must have pointed their index finger on the cooked temite, and sayed "the joke is on you!" and started devouring them...
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    it's easier to gather termite gas than cow gas.
    termites pipe themselves. cows rarely dig tunnels
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    Apparently this is not quite true:

    http://www.yaleherald.com/archive/xix/4.7.95/news/globePT3.html [Broken]

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    I agree 105%, but desire and ability are two different things. there is a huge difference between a sleeping cow and a bull dozer. I've never even herd of a cow pokeing it's head underground I'd steak my reputation on it.
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    I think this response demonstrates your essentially prosaic nature. Eggleton has a dream! Lets support the cow-operable backhoe. I hear a whisper in the cow pastures...

    If you build it, they will tunnel!
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    and if they don't, it's all right. i mean, no use crying over spilled milk.
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    Apparently, this is not quite true:

    http://www.yaleherald.com/archive/xi.../globePT4.html [Broken]

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    How dairy you contradict me twice? You got some sort of beef with me or what? This sort of bull**** can not be good for me.<---silver platter
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    Kine you please cud it out! You've milked this long enough. It's becoming udder nonsence!
  20. Sep 22, 2006 #19
    I had the milked and udder nonsence in reserve, cud it out cracked me up
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    I've had it with the bovine you! Knock it off!
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