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Need a topic

  1. Feb 25, 2007 #1
    Ok, so I need a topic to present.

    I am taking Quantum mechanics, introduction to astrophysics, and a seminar class... I need a topic for a 30-40 minute presentation for each class, and was wondering if there are any interesting topics that tie QM and astro together... thus, one presentation that I can do in all three classes.

    I am welcome to any and all ideas!
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    cross sections.. advances in particle accelerator physics drive our understanding of stellar evolution. Or more simply, sunlight depends on quantum tunneling..
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    Interesting... thanks for the input!

    Doing three presentations on one topic will make my life a lot less stressful! I am open to any topics you guys can come up with!
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    speaking of collisions - how 'bout ionisation loss?

    A clear application would be to study the energy loss of fast-moving particles in high energy collision (eg. a high speed electron moving through a hydrogen cloud). The collision parameters involved vary from the quantum regime to the semiclassical - all with relativity mixed in.

    This isn't so new, but interesting none-the-less. There's some math, but not out of reach.
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    I wouldn't be intimidated by most math...

    I've had math through a second partial differential equations class... if it is beyond that, then, I suppose I could be intimidated!
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    No, just some integrals and inserting a whole assortment of estimates from various theories.

    Look up books on high energy astrophysics.

    Good luck.
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    Maybe solve Shrodenger's equ. for "particle in a sphere" and compare this to Emden's eqn. ( when polytropic index = 2 ). The eqns. are practically identitical hence an interesting seminar.
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