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Need an accredited college for a health care management degree.

  1. Apr 4, 2008 #1
    Hi to all the folks. I have always wanted to get in the health care profession but at a managerial position. For this I have been planning to do a healthcare management degree but the problem is that I can only make it online as I have certain responsibilities to look after. What I need is a good source for online accredited colleges that really mean ACCREDITED.I don’t want to waste my time in getting a degree only to be ditched by the fact of accreditation’s. So, if you folks have any ideas or news about such colleges, do share with me.
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    The phrase "online college" generally sends up red flags. It would be better to look at distance courses from real universities. (I assume these exist, maybe others can help).
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    I agree. I don't know about your specific area of interest, but you'd be best looking for universities (of the brick and mortar accredited type) with strong programs in what you want to do and then finding among them ones that offer online/distance-learning courses.
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    A very good place to look at (at least for comparison) is Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey. They offer a BS in hospital healthcare administration that sounds like what you're looking for. They are regionally accredited and have been doing distance education for a long time. Their website is:
    Be very careful of a diploma mill with a similar sounding name.
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